One is the lonliest number…

“Oh!! Mama! That man over there doesn’t have a woman like you!
– Emily, greatly distressed, in loud whisper, in the middle of church service

“Mama, he’s sitting by himself!”
– Emily, thinking Mama’s lack of answer while attempting self-control meant she didn’t understand


Pain in the Rear

“My bottom hurts.”
– Amanda, for no discernable reason, while eating dinner

(Later): “Where’s your fork?”
– Mama, to Amanda, wondering why she’s not eating

“Now we know why her bottom hurts!”
– Daddy, after a brief search located the missing fork directly under Amanda

During “Bible Time”

“Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy…”
– Emily, reciting the books of the Bible, then getting distracted and pausing

– Amanda, prompting Emily to continue

– Mama, amazed at what a not quite 2-year old can do

No confusion!

“Mama, what are we going to do at church tonight?”
– Emily, who tends to get confused between Wed prayer meeting and Sun evening service

“Dear God, Amen!”
– Amanda, who wasn’t confused at all!

Thanksgiving in April

“Mama, Mandy and I have a huge Thanksgiving dinner! Look!!”
– Emily, pointing out the fact that every dish in her play kitchen is now on her little table

“Thanksgiving isn’t for a long time yet. Do you mean you have a big Easter dinner?”
– Mama, making casual conversation

“No, Mama. It’s a Thanksgiving dinner.”
– Emily, not sure why Mama is not getting it

“Oh. Well, what are you thankful for?”
– Mama

“I’m thankful that my Mama came home to be with me.”
– Emily, making Mama cry

Lunchtime Phone Call

“OK. I love you. Bye-bye.”
– Shannon, amid other kissy noises, while ending a phone conversation

“Who were you talking to?”
– Emily, truly curious

“Daddy! Who else would I be saying ‘I love you’ to on the phone like that?”
– Shannon, surprised that Emily had to ask

“Grandma, Grandpa, Gram-Gram, Auntie Jill…”
– Emily, the essence of innocence

Lunchtime request

“Daddy? May I have some pistashews?”
– Emily, asking for… well… some sort of nut

– Daddy, correcting her

“Yes, pistashews.”
– Emily, certain she knows what she wants

“Emily, Mama usually eats two kinds of nuts — pistachios and cashews. I believe she gave you cashews last time. Would you like some of those?”
– Daddy, still trying to correct pronunciation and explain her option(s)

“Yes, Daddy. I’d like some cashios.”
– Emily, showing she knows exactly what she wants…