Take Cover!

“Watch out for the exploding Amanda!!”
– Amanda, running gleefully somewhere in the house. (No explanation was ever given as to why she was exploding.)

Going for Broke!

Well, I know I’ve needed to update the news on the website for a while, but there’s nothing quite like a minor family emergency to inspire such an update. This afternoon, Emily decided to lean over just a little to far while sitting on top of part of her playset (about seven feet off the ground.) The resulting tumble got mud in her mouth and nose and broke both of her arms. Yes, that’s right… both of her arms. The “radius” in both arms, to be precise. Ironically, we have 15 square yards of mulch being delivered this Saturday, much of which was going to go under the playset to refresh the fall-cushioning layer of mulch that is already there (but mostly worn away). If only she’d waited (grin)…

Anyway, she’s in “half-casts” right now, which basically amount to wrapped splints from her wrists to half-way up her upper arms. These will be on until Monday, when she’ll receive a forearm cast on each arm, at least allowing her to bend her elbows and feed/dress/etc. herself. She’s in good spirits, as can be evidenced by her quote and pictures from earlier tonight. We’ll see how she (and her Mama and Daddy and sister) hold up until Monday…



“This certainly is going to be an adventure… learning to do things with my new arms… new arms that don’t work very well…”
– Emily, talking with Daddy about her two broken forearms, splint-wrapped from wrist to bicep until she gets her forearms casts in five days.