Proud Mama!

Don’t mind me… I’m just here shamelessly showing off what Emily‘s Durham Tech teacher wrote on her portfolio assignment… ‪#‎proudmama  IMGP2246

Happy Dance

Originally posted by Emily on Facebook:

My mom and I: *look at newly posted ACT scores*
Mom: *Starts ecstatic happy dance*
Me: “What does that mean?”
Mom: *adds whooping to happy dance*
Me: “Ok… guessing that’s good, but what does it mean?!”

I brought my composite ACT score up from 25 to 30, with the biggest difference between this year and last year being in my math score, which I brought up from 19 to 26! Seven whole glorious points!

The Empire (Waist) Strikes Back!

As her third “real” sewing project (after an “intro project” smock, and some shorts and a dance outfit for Emily), Shannon made a Regency dress. Yes, she jumped from a smock and shorts to an entire dress! It was done at this time because she wanted to wear it to a themed going-away party for some friends of ours. Never mind that the theme was “Medieval” and not “Regency” 🙂 … Shan wanted to make a Regency dress and everyone thought the dress looked great.

Rather than try to dress John up in Regency style as well, Shannon on made him a tie from the same material as the dress.

Here’s how it all came out:


Happy New Year!

We just put the girls back to bed after a quick streamer toss, a toast with sparkling (or, as Amanda calls it “shiny”) apple cider, and a round of kisses for the family. Now it’s off to bed for me– John is going to stay up to see what the first woot is for 2006, at midnight Central time. Happy New Year, everyone!

Homeschool is so cool!

Ah, we’re having a lovely homeschool moment today. As I’m at the computer printing off multiplication practice pages, I hear Emily confide to Amanda that she saves doing her handwriting practice until I start reading Amanda’s read-aloud books to her, “because the stories are just soooo good and I love to hear them again!” (Emily gets sent to the dining room to do her seat-work (math, handwriting, etc) while I do school with Amanda in the livingroom).

I suggested to Emily that maybe I should let her read to Amanda instead of merely eavesdropping from the other room. She responded enthusiastically. I warned her that she would have to get through with her school work first before she would be allowed to read Amanda’s schoolbooks to her. She thought a moment and said, “Maybe I can read to her before school starts?” Sure, as long as they both finish their breakfasts (usually a long drawn out affair) and sort their laundry first.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them eat or sort so quickly. 🙂

The girls are cuddled up together on the couch. Emily is reading with great enthusiasm and inflection to Amanda, who appears to be following along over her shoulder. I love Sonlight Curriculum!