Haiku? Haiku!

So, we’re studying the Eastern Hemisphere in homeschool this year and we’ve just about finished with Japan. Apparently, the entire household has been somewhat taken by haiku as we’ve been extemporaneously composing them for about a few days now. Here’s what we’ve got so far…

Amanda wrote:

Playing with some string
Sitting on her favorite seat
Our beautiful cat

Emily wrote:

Beautiful cat lies
Half asleep in the warm sun
Please do not disturb!

Shannon sensed a theme here…

Shannon wrote:

Supreme effort earns
Shaky success: zipper up!
Better not sit down

Bickering siblings
A sudden silence descends
Mom suspects mischief

Visitors welcome
But must have less than five legs
Bring me the ant spray

I pick up my flute
Traitor kitty slinks away
Thanks for your support

In light of recent automotive troubles, I wrote:

The car sounds funny
Hard to steer, smells like bad eggs
This is gonna hurt

and Shannon wrote:

Colored lights appear
Weird vibrations, burning smell
The mechanic smiles

There will undoubtedly be more, hence the new “haiku” category I’ve added to the site…