Heard from the past…

(The following items were heard back in February 2009, written on our wipe-off board, photographed from there with my camera-phone, then quickly forgotten about. I just found them again and now present them here for your enjoyment.)


Apparently, Olympics >> American team-sports

“Is the USA in yellow?”
– One of the girls, while watching Super Bowl 43 (Being a Pittsburgh fan, I told her “Yes”.)


And if it’s the Super Bowl, where are the pins?

“Is this football?
– One of the girls, again, while watching the Super Bowl

“Is what football?”
– John, wondering what they could possibly be missing

“What we’re watching.”
– Same girl

“Yes, this is football.”
– John, thinking “I’ve shown them this before, haven’t I?”

“Then why are they throwing it with their hands?
– Same girl, apparently having been exposed to the term “football” more often in another, more international context.


Well, she’s got a point…

“It’s snowing and we bought ice cream! What kind of weirdos are we?”
– John, pointing out the irony of the situation

“We’re Straffins!
– Amanda, pointing out a thorough understanding of her weirdo heritage


The Empire (Waist) Strikes Back!

As her third “real” sewing project (after an “intro project” smock, and some shorts and a dance outfit for Emily), Shannon made a Regency dress. Yes, she jumped from a smock and shorts to an entire dress! It was done at this time because she wanted to wear it to a themed going-away party for some friends of ours. Never mind that the theme was “Medieval” and not “Regency” 🙂 … Shan wanted to make a Regency dress and everyone thought the dress looked great.

Rather than try to dress John up in Regency style as well, Shannon on made him a tie from the same material as the dress.

Here’s how it all came out:


Witty “Mars” vs. Tired “Venus”

“Should I bake? I should sew, though. No! No. I’m not going to sew right now… I’m too tired. I’ll bake…”
– Venus (aka “Shannon”)

(In a stereotypical American Indian “How!” sort of voice) “I am too tired to use sharp things, therefore I will use fire!
– Mars (aka “John”)

(Tired giggles… for the next two minutes…)
– Venus