Emily got her splints off on Monday this week. All is well, and she’s back to being just as active as ever. We are all thrilled to know she’s healthy again.

We are all enjoying a very lazy Saturday morning, which is how we happened to notice we never gave everyone the rest of the story!


Geography Lesson on the Fly

“What was that you just threw?”
– Daddy to Amanda, annoyed to see something red flying from her hand toward her sister’s head

– Emily, holding up the projectile– a foam US puzzle piece (that was indeed Illinois)

It Takes Two

At a sporting goods store, Daddy and Emily perused a wall of left skates on display. After looking for awhile, Emily asked:

“Do they have any that match?”

Seeing Red

“I was there so long I got sunburned. In fact, I got lobsterized.”
– Mama, retelling the tale of a beach trip from her college days

“How did you get lobster eyes?”
– Amanda, pointing at her own eyes in wonder

Even THEM?

“When the Bible says ‘…all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’, who is ‘all’?”
– Daddy, seeing if the girls understood that night’s Bible study

“All of us!”
– Amanda, chiming in first

“That’s right… everyone.”
– Daddy, acknowledging her answer

“Everyone in the whole world! Even in Canada!”
– Emily, feeling that “All of us” wasn’t quite… well… ALL of us…

(written down earlier this year, exact date forgotten)