Emily is seven!

Well… a Straffin child has made it to another milestone. Emily turned seven years old today! As she gets further and further away from her first birthday, the significance of each birthday lessens as compared to the first few. The only mention of it at all was Shannon’s mother asking how long it’s been since Emily was declared “cured” (answer: two years ago.)

Birthday portraits at Sears went well. Shannon’s parents joined us for Emily’s all-request dinner of Lit’l Smokies, cornbread pancakes and green beans with one of Mama’s famous blueberry cakes for dessert. Yum! Check the gallery for pics once I fix them up (cropping, de-red-eyeing them, etc.)

The “real” birthday party is Saturday, with Emily having some friends over for a(nother) tea party. The tea party has been the birthday party of choice for both of my daughters for the last three years or so. We’ll see how long that lasts… I hope it’s a good, long time.