Voices from the bottomless pit

“What do we want to have for lunch?”
– Mama, just returned with the girls from piano lessons

“I dunno… I just had breakfast.”
– Daddy, who got a late start to the day

“Around here on Saturday, it’s ‘if you’re hungry, eat.'”
– Daddy again, in response to Mama’s look of exasperation

“Well, guess I’m gonna eat all day!”
– Amanda, speaking the truth as only a child can


Amanda’s superpower REVEALED!

(Daddy’s spontaneous lyricism, sung to the tune of “Spider-man”)

Mandie-moo, Mandie-moo
Does whatever a Mandie do
Makes a mess, super-sized
There’s her socks! Big surprise.

(This is as far as I got, since Shannon nearly fell out of her chair laughing so hard at the last bit.)