After dinner

“There’s still two puddings left.”
– Mama, reviewing the options for dessert

“One for me and one for him!”
– Emily, taking matters into her own hands

– Daddy, somewhat surprised

“Me and you!”
– Emily, making friends with Daddy

“What about her?”
– Daddy, pointing to Amanda

– Emily, still seeing no problems with this arrangement, despite Amanda’s cries of “Puddie!” in the background


Driving home from errands, a little late for lunch…

“My tummy is hungry and tired, Mama.”
– Emily

“Well, I’m going to take you home and put food in your tummy.”
– Mama, trying to head off the whining

“No, Mama! I’M going to put food in my tummy!”
– Emily, a bit outraged

“OK, I’ll put food on your plate.”
– Mama

“That’s better!”
– Emily, sounding very pleased

At morning Bible time

“What was Adam made of?”
– Mama, reviewing the previous day’s lesson

– Emily

“Right! And what about Eve?”
– Mama

“Ribbon! No, a rib!”
– Emily, correcting herself after Mama laughed

Amanda, would you like some…

“Amanda, would you like some ice cream?”
– Mama

– Amanda, enthusiastically clapping her hands

“Or, you could have a cookie if you like.”
– Daddy

“Coooookieeeeee. No. Kheeeeem!!!”
– Amanda, proving she definitely knows what she wants