Rectangles are a girl’s best friend?

“Emily, your bracelet looks very pretty.”
– Mama, noticing Emily wearing one of her Christmas presents

“Thank you. I like it because it’s diamonds.”
– Emily, politely but incorrectly

“Actually, I think it’s probably crystals.”
– Mama, not entirely certain that it’s not plastic

“Well, Amanda’s bracelet is diamonds.”
– Emily, determined to find diamonds somewhere

– Amanda, who knows her shapes, if not her imitation precious stones…


It’s all just a misunderhearing

“Gram-gram got me a pair of shoes… gram-gram got me a pair of shoes…”
– Mama, singing her intention to use a Christmas check for weighted work-out shoes she’s wanted.

“Parrot juice?”
– Emily, from across the room, wondering why anyone would ever want to buy that!