Run! It’s your grandchildren!!

(singing) “…promote the general welfare a-and, secure the blessings o-of liberty, to ourselves and our posterity…”
– Emily, singing the Preamble of the US Constitution to herself

“Emily? Do you know what ‘posterity’ means?”
– Daddy, sensing a teachable moment

“Uh… no.”
– Emily

“It’s those who come after us…”
– Daddy

– Emily makes a “yikes!” look…

“…like my children and my children’s children and so on.”
– Daddy, finishing his sentence and wondering what the “yikes!” look was for

“Oh… I thought someone was chasing us!”
– Emily, pointing out another meaning of “those who come after us”


Waaaaay back in the mid-1990’s

While getting ready to watch The Wizard of Oz, we took a few moments (it’s only 13 minutes long) to watch the black-and-white silent-film version, circa 1910.

“Girls? How many years ago do you think this movie was made?”
– Daddy, thinking that the girls will be impressed when he tells them the answer of “almost 100 years ago”

“It was probably back in 1996 when they only had black-and-white TV.”
– Emily, showing an 8-year-old’s complete lack of scale (She was born in 1997!)