Well…you *said*…

“Cuddle me now!”
– Amanda, insisting

“It wouldn’t kill you to say please, young lady!”
– Mama, correcting

“Please young lady.”
– Amanda, “obeying”

Independence Day

“It’s about time you learned to tie your shoes for yourself.”
– Grammy, to Emily, as we were getting ready to leave the house

“Maybe when I’m about your age I’ll tie my own shoes, but not when I’m 4.”
– Emily, to Grammy, very matter-of-factly


School Daze

“Well, today is Tuesday. What day comes after today?”
– Grammy, trying to tell Emily when the upcoming 4th of July holiday would be

“Grammy, we do that stuff at school time!”
– Emily, who knew the answer, but didn’t want to “perform”

“That’s OK. You’re allowed to think all day.”
– Grammy, who said similar things to Mama when she was little

Lunchtime Longing

“Daddy, can we have a teeny little sip, please?”
– Emily, eyeing the soda bottle in Daddy’s hand

“No, big sip!”
– Amanda, telling it like it is!

Long after bedtime

“Mama, I need some of that LC stuff for my boo-boo.”
– Emily, who had been crying softly in her room over a bothersome hangnail

“You mean TLC?”
– Mama, finishing putting a band aid on the boo-boo, and giving it a kiss

“Yes. You know– the goopy stuff that comes in the little tube.”
– Emily, refering to antibacterial ointment, and clearly not satisfied with the kiss

Lunchtime Conversion

“I like this cheese!!”
– Emily, happily munching a piece of muenster cheese Daddy gave her

– Mama, who got a definite negative from Emily the last time she tried muenster

“I just changed from un-like it to like it!”
– Emily, with gusto