Chocolate for all! Well … for some.

Today was the last day of school for our homeschool. It was also Shannon’s normal grocery shopping day. To celebrate, she was inspired to bring home a special surprise treat–Ultra Decadent Triple Chocolate Coated Ice Cream Bliss Bars (not their real name). After lunch, as teacher and students were all enjoying their treat, while practically humming a chorus of “mmmm”s and “yum”s…

Amanda: “I wonder if God eats these in heaven.”
Shannon: “In heaven, these would be good for you … and non-fattening … and free of guilt.”
Emily: “What guilt? I feel no guilt!”
Shannon: “I do. I’m not supposed to teach you to think chocolate is a good reward.”
Emily: “You didn’t teach us that … we already knew it!” (Adopting a regally haughty manner, complete with dismissive hand wave) “So, free yourself of guilt.”
Amanda: “And bring us more chocolate!”

These Ultra Decadence bars were so special there were only three in the box, leaving none for me. Discussing this:

Shannon: We have appreciated these as only the female of the species can. Since there are no more, we’ll have to do something special later that includes the Principal (Me – ed.).
Amanda: (Immediately) Dog pile!

Oh, great.


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