Well, they ARE by the same composer…

“I need to write that down somewhere: dah dah da-dah, dah da-dah, dah dah da-DAH, dah dah daah daah DAAH. Because every time I think about how it goes, I think: daah daah, da-da-da-DAAH dah, da-da-da-DAAH dah, da-da-da-daaah.”
– Amanda, explaining her tendency to confuse two popular movie themes (A gold star if you can figure out what themes she “sung”)


Why I love this woman so much

“You know, sweetie, I won’t be wearing my wedding ring during my triathlon … you may want to be there to beat back the female competitors.”
– John, 3k into a 5k run with Shannon

“Just run faster than they do … I mean, it *is* a race, after all …”
– Shannon, 17 years into being married to John

Amanda’s 9th “Half-Birthday” quotes

First stop: the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science, as we approach their newly opened “Dinosaur Trail”

“It’s starting to get a little Jurassic-y around here!”

Next stop: the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, leaving the “Warhol’s Polaroids” exhibit (which was more of historic interest than artistic, IMHO)…

“Well, he sure had a lot of fun with his camera!”

… and leaving the museum…

– John

– Amanda

“Did you like the museum?”
– John

– Amanda, unconvincingly

“Do you want to go there again?”
– John, trying to get to the truth

“Maybe when I’m older, and I appreciate ‘art’ more.”
– Amanda

On the way to the last stop (Northgate Mall’s merry-go-round), driving through the day-long rainstorm, now a massive downpour…

“I sure am glad we didn’t go to the zoo!”

… and on the way home…

“So, what was your favorite part?”
– John, curiously

“I think my favorite part was…”
– Amanda, interrupted

“You’re not allowed to say ‘the merry-go-round’. If you say ‘the merry-go-round’, then next year we’re going to the merry-go-round, riding it twice, and then going home.”
– John, despairing

“Oh… in that case it was the Dinosaur Trail.”
– Amanda, prudently

Poultry profits?

(During a conversation in which Shannon and I seriously consider getting some hens to raise in our pet-less, fenced-in backyard)

“We could name one ‘Henny’ and one ‘Penny’…”
– Emily

“… and one ‘Nickel’!”
– Amanda