Fire on the deck

“I’ve wanted one of those for the longest time.” *sigh*
— Me, walking past a display of outdoor firepits

“Whatever for?”
— Shannon

“To have a fire out on the deck.”
— Me

“You can have a fire on the deck *now*… once.”
— Shannon


She who will not be deterred

” … and we have fireworks tonight!”
– Amanda, excitedly

“You’ll have smokey noise-makers tonight.”
– John, unexcitedly

COLORFUL smokey noise-makers!”
– Amanda, unaffectedly

Don’t pay the ransom!

When I’m late coming home (as I was yesterday), I often call Shannon from the car and tell her “Don’t pay the ransom! They let me go!”. Getting things wrapped up at the office before leaving for a week, I just called her to let her know I was still at work. Recognizing the situation by the phone number, she (instead of saying “Hello?”) immediately proclaimed, “I don’t have any money! You’ll have to escape!!”.

I love my wife.

R.C. Sproul vs Chuck Norris

A sign of just how much my wife knows and loves me:
Sitting in Sunday School, watching an R.C. Sproul video, Dr. Sproul explains that a “contradiction” (as in “A is not A”, and contrasted with “paradox” and “mystery”) is a non-sensical statement. “Nobody can understand a contradiction,” he says. “In fact, I’d go as far as to say that even God cannot understand a contradiction.” At this, I get a silly grin on my face and turn to my wife. She notices and turns towards me, sees my grin, and (reading my mind) acknowledges, “Yes, yes … Chuck Norris can understand a contradiction.”
I love Shannon Straffin.

Well, they ARE by the same composer…

“I need to write that down somewhere: dah dah da-dah, dah da-dah, dah dah da-DAH, dah dah daah daah DAAH. Because every time I think about how it goes, I think: daah daah, da-da-da-DAAH dah, da-da-da-DAAH dah, da-da-da-daaah.”
– Amanda, explaining her tendency to confuse two popular movie themes (A gold star if you can figure out what themes she “sung”)