It makes you a silly-billy!

“Mama, what is ‘alidocious’?”
– Amanda, practicing at the piano

“What do you mean?”
– Mama, who has never heard of “alidocious”

“Well, in the song it says ‘super-cali-fra-gi-list-ic-MAKES-ME-alidocious’, and I just wondered what that makes me.”
– Amanda, succumbing to her penchant for reading the first part of a word and guessing at the rest when faced with “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.


Watch out for the watermelon!

“Look! A squirrel eating watermelon.”
– Daddy, glad that the rinds he left on the porch railing were being enjoyed

“EEEK! A squirrel-eating watermelon?! (Dramatically) Who knew a fruit could be so savage?”
– Emily, making her father very proud…

School daze

“I got no school this week.”
– Amanda

“Sounds like you *ought* to have school this week.”
– Daddy, commenting

“I *have* no school this week.”
– Amanda, correcting

“No… I *don’t* got no school this week!”
– Daddy, “correcting”

“I *ain’t* got no school this week!”
– Emily, continuing

“I done told you I ain’t got no school this week!”
– Mama, capitalizing

– Amanda, completing

Read-alouds, Daddy style

[John is reading Tales of Robin Hood to the girls]

“… He stepped up to address the crowd and silence fell. When they stood silence back up again, he said in a loud voice…”

[Oh, the fun he adds to make sure they’re paying attention!]